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CPE Capital Young Pioneer winner accepts postdoctoral research position at Harvard Medical School


Winner of the 2019 CPE Capital Young Pioneer Award (The Award), Dr Nathan Zammit, has been internationally recognised for his work in medical immunology.


The Award provides important seed funding for innovative research ideas from outstanding early-mid career researchers.


Dr Zammit used this funding to understand how complex environmental cues shape the immune response and disease outcomes, with his findings supporting the importance of considering environmental impacts when investigating human disease and immune reactions.


The mouse model established in Dr Zammit’s work has already been applied to research which aims to understand the effect of individual drugs or gene variants on human health.


According to Dr Zammit, the model will be a vital resource for The Garvan Institute of Medical Research


“As we have witnessed this year by the COVID-19 pandemic, patient outcomes can differ widely based on personal history that is molded by environment, genetics, and age, underlining the importance of our research,” Dr Zammit said.


Dr Zammit’s work has received international recognition, and has resulted in his recruitment to Harvard Medical School, where he’ll take a postdoctoral research position in January 2021.


CPE Capital has been supporting the Young Pioneer Award since 2014.